Pricing and Reviews

Burials – Family plots, single and double graves

Grave costs – £800 for a single plot and £1500 for a double plot

Family plots – price upon application.

Limited numbers are available of each grave type, cost and size.

Special locations have space for urns and memorial benches etc. as required.

Grave digging

The cost of the grave digging is not included in the purchase price and can be organised by SSRP or your Funeral Director.

Urn and Ash plots

£375 per single urn.

Commemorative Plaques and Memorials

A limited number of areas are available for planting of commemorative trees. The trees to be bought from and planted by SSRP and costs will vary. All trees will be of an indigenous variety appropriate to the Park. Terms available.

Memorial Benches

Wooden benches may be positioned within the Park upon agreement with SSRP. These are to be purchased from and erected by SSRP and can be inscribed. Terms available.

Flower planting

Appropriate woodland plants can be planted over the burial area in accordance with the Park design (we would request no bluebells please). The Park has wild snowdrops, bluebells and daffodils.

Prices are as 2022 and are subject to review.


“we want to say thankyou for creating such a beautiful and special place to lay our dad to rest”

“thank you for spending time with us to choose our special plot”

“The views from your Park are just lovely”

“thank you for all the care and attention you gave us in making sure we found the right resting place”