The South Shropshire Remembrance Park

A place for remembrance and peaceful reflection

The South Shropshire Remembrance Park offers a scenic and artistic environment with unrivalled views of Wenlock Edge, The Wrekin and Stretton Hills. Its inspirational setting speaks to each person according to their need.

This is a serene and timeless environment, a place for remembrance and peaceful reflection whilst encompassing the 21st century in the modern amenities it provides. Woodland paths, car parking and seating around the park are there for the use of visitors. This is a real choice offering a final resting place for a Woodland Burial or for the interment of ashes.

A fully serviced reception pavilion is also available for use of visitors to the Park (by relatives of the interred or for the use of people who have bought ahead on a pre-need basis). Individual and family plots can be purchased, in advance or at time of need, giving a unique and special burial area within this picturesque private woodland.

Informed, sympathetic and personal advice is readily given.

We view the celebration of life, growth and regeneration as a perfect cycle in which nothing is ever truly lost or dies but is renewed and takes on a new form.

If you would like a conducted tour of the Park or for further information please contact us. The park is open every day 10.00am – 3.00pm.