Covid-19 additional measures

Additional measures in place in relation to our burial ground

Access – We are open and welcome visitors, but please only visit alone or with members of your own household. Do not use the park to meet up with friends or family. Respect the SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES of 2M.

Please phone ahead to check if there are any funerals on during the week allowing mourners to socially distance during services.

Facilities- Regrettably the Pavilion is only open for funeral services by request only. It will be cleaned and disinfected between groups.

Restrictions on funerals – please refer to the latest government guidance.

Time limits – please restrict gatherings to as short a time as possible.

Contact with our staff – During services our custodians will protect themselves by keeping a distance away from the funeral party and will not shake hands or have physical or close contact with funeral staff, visitors or mourners. We will show visitors around maintaining social distancing measures.

Office procedures – arrangements should only be made if possible by email/phone/BACS. We will gladly do our best to answer any questions you might have by telephone.

With best wishes, South Shropshire Remembrance Park