Terms and conditions SSRP Ltd

Below you will find the terms and conditions in relation to burial, access and visitation rights for South Shropshire Remembrance Park. South Shropshire Remembrance Park LTD (SSRP) has been operating since 2003.

Its ethos is to:
– Provide a peaceful and natural resting place for those who have died and their families/friends who wish to mourn them.
– Provide an environment which is in keeping with nature and adds ecological value to the ancient woodland in which it sits leaving a living legacy for future generations.

Those wishing to purchase plots and visit the site should abide by the Terms and Conditions listed below:

Plot Access and Burial Rights

  1. The current three-acre site is open from 10.00AM to 15.00PM seven days a week. There will be the occasional day each year where The Park will be closed for routine maintenance. A sign will be put on the gate but visitors are encouraged to phone and check first. No overnight stays.
  2. The period of the Grant of Access and Burial Right on the current site is for 100 years from 2003 until 2103. From 2083 until 2103 the level of Park Maintenance will be reduced to allow the Park to revert back to natural woodland under the direction of the Park Trustees.
  3. Please note: The Purchaser has Access and Right to Burial at the site only via the Burial and Access Right Certificates given on purchase, (burial till 2083 and access till 2103), as in the licencing contract (Local Government Act 1972, section 214, 3) this does not constitute ownership. Legal ownership lies with DJ and V Riley with SSRP Ltd as the Operator.
  4. Disabled clients. The pavilion has ramp access and toilet facilities. There is also a vehicle available to take anyone unable to walk to visit a grave, please contact SSRP if needed, (not self-drive).

Consideration at the Site

  1. Any visitor must be respectful of any funeral and ceremonies regardless of denomination.
  2. Any graveside services must be dignified and within the park keeping. Family and friends involvement in The Service is at the discretion of the Funeral Director.
  3. No litter to be left.
  4. Mobile phones should be used discreetly if services are taking place upon visitation.
  5. Some forms of music will be allowed at the site with permission from SSRP or The Funeral Director. They must not cause disruption to others.
  6. Dogs welcome on a lead. Please be sure to clean up any mess.
  7. The pavilion is open for use on the Site. Please be considerate in how it is left for other users.
  8. There is a Remembrance Book within to sign. The Company asks visitors are respectful with comments.

Grave Plots and Cremations

  1. Both Burial and Cremation plots at the point of need and also pre-need are available to purchase via BACS, Cheque or cash. Single, double and family plots are also available. Grave and plot costs are subject to location, plot size and burial requirements. Special locations have space for trees and benches.
  2. Ground conditions, tree growth, floods, fire or changes in circumstance may unavoidably affect the availability of certain arrangements outside of SSRP’s control, for example the purchased selected plot. If this does occur SSRP may have to provide alternative locations for the burial. If Representatives do not agree to such arrangements SSRP will cancel the burial rights and return the monies paid following which there will be no further obligation to provide Right of Burial.
  3. Only one coffin/urn is permitted per plot. However, an urn containing ashes may be placed within a coffin, but once interred the ground cannot be reopened again.
  4. Coffins are buried at a depth of 3ft (minimum 2ft) from the soil surface. This is the best depth given the nature of the soil at SSRP to allow for aerobic decomposition.
  5. Burials are side by side within their allocated plots only and single depth. Double depth burials are not allowed. The shallower the grave is, the less likely the body is to produce methane, a powerful greenhouse gas caused by anaerobic decomposition. The higher the body the more likely it is that it will decompose aerobically.
  6. Plots are none transferable unless in exceptional circumstance. The Company would need to be notified in writing. A new agreement drawn up and an admin fee charged. Previous certificates would need to be returned and new ones issued.
  7. Once purchased, the client will have a 30-day cooling off period in which they can request money back. If the Purchaser decides to terminate the contract outside of this time only a partial refund will be made depending on time lapsed. The Burial rights cannot be cancelled after death of the Purchaser. Certificates must be returned to us.
  8. Full payment is due at the time of purchase, but a delayed payment scheme can be arranged by request. Failure to keep to the agreed payment schedule may mean the Burial Rights will be cancelled. Monies will be returned less a £150 administration charge. If the Purchaser has only part paid the fees due before death, the balance will be required before burial can take place. If this cannot be done, SSRP will not be able to issue the Burial Rights.
  9. Purchase does not include grave digging cost. SSRP can arrange for a grave digger or the nominated Funeral Director will be able to obtain one.
  10. SSRP must be in receipt of both your Burial Rights Certificate and the Burial or Cremation slip from the Registry Office before any burial can take place.
  11. Only human remains will be buried at the site.
  12. Embalmed bodies are not allowed to be buried unless in exceptional circumstances. The chemicals used are not within The Parks green ethos. Purchasers must inform us if this is the case.
  13. Burials are welcomed from any Denomination.
  14. If the Rights of Burial have not been claimed by the nearing of the park closing or SSRP are aware The Purchaser has since died, attempt will be made to contact the Purchaser or Next of kin to ascertain if the wish is to still proceed to claim the Burial Rights for the plot. If SSRP do not hear back within 60 days the plot will be presumed not wanted, and the Burial Rights will be cancelled retaining the monies obtained.
  15. Coffins and Urns are to be made of bio-degradable material only; any wood such as wicker, bamboo, water hyacinth and cardboard. Shrouds are also acceptable. These can be purchased through The Funeral Director or there are a number of companies from where they can be obtained.
  16. No gardening or cultivation around plots is allowed. This includes scattering of bark. No fencing, additional grave marking or ornamentation is allowed.
  17. Exhumation- the site will not allow any bodies to be exhumed, only by Court Order from the Secretary of State under the Burial Act 1957, section 2.
  18. Services can be held prior to interment or by the graveside or in the pavilion. The plot can be blessed by the clergy if it is wished but a Bishop has to consecrate.

Marking Grave Plots

  1. Graves are currently marked by a small wooden plaque and given an address. The Company retain a database of these grave locations with some personal details (see The Privacy Policy). SSRP are currently looking into how to mark these graves using GPS technology. The Purchaser will be provided with the Plots Address on the Burial and Access Certificate.
  2. It is The Purchasers responsibility to keep contact details up to date with SSRP.


  1. A flat York Stone plaque 15’ x 15’ is allowed to denote a grave. These are available to purchase through SSRP and can be engraved. Headstones are not allowed. SSRP does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of memorials by weather or natural disaster unless caused directly by The Company.
  2. Trees can be planted and supplied by SSRP. Only native English types are allowed as per the design guide for each area. These will need a guard due to wild deer grazing the site. The tree will be replaced once by The Company if it should fail. Trees are planted bare rooted in the winter months.
  3. Flowers- The park is to be maintained as a woodland, therefore the use of vases and cut or artificial flowers are not allowed. Cut flowers placed on graves after interment will be removed after three days.
  4. Appropriate woodland plants can be planted over the burial area in accordance with the park design (no bluebells). The Park already has wild snowdrops, bluebells and daffodils.
  5. Objects/materials placed on graves which are not bio-degradable, make maintenance of the area difficult and are not within The SSRP’s natural site keeping will be removed. They will be left in the pavilion for a short period before being appropriately disposed of.
  6. No herbicides or chemicals are to be used on any of The Park to protect its wildlife and plants.
  7. Benches are available to be purchased and can be inscribed. Please note there may not be a suitable place by the selected plot in which case on discussion between both parties an alternative location for the bench will be found. These benches are the Purchasers and their Nominees responsibility to maintain. If they become unsafe SSRP will attempt to contact the known parties responsible but if no response is heard within 60 days they will be removed from the site.

Future of the Site

  1. The site is managed with wildlife and the woodland environment in mind to encourage biodiversity, therefore it will be different to conventional cemeteries in its upkeep. Wood Pasture is a mosaic habitat consisting of veteran/ancient trees, an open ground layer with grassland, heathland and woodland floras, along with grazing animals (traditionally wild deer graze the site at SSRP), wood decay in the tree canopies support a variety of species, and flowers/shrubs on the ground provide food and shelter for insects. The new trees planted by Purchasers of plots will ensure there are multiple generations of trees for future continuity.
  2. The site will be intermittently mown to let the natural flowers come through and to allow access to the site, but it is The Purchasers responsibility to maintain the grave within The Park’s ethos for the period of The Right of Access.
  3. Anyone who purchases a plot within the woodland can expect the management to maintain the rest of the site in a suitable manner for at least the the duration of Access of each contract .
  4. The landscape and character of the ground may change over time, trees may need to be pruned as they grow. The Company reserve the right to preserve the woodland as needed in the future years which may mean trees specifically planted have to be pruned. SSRP try and space trees at time of planting so they will not compete in the years to come.
  5. SSRP is a privately-run Limited Company. There are plans to extend the current three-acre site when needed, with which planning will need to be applied for. The Site lies in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and within ancient woodland, therefore no building development will be possible. When the current site is full, the maintenance of it will be funded from a percentage of all sales.
  6. In the eventuality of the current ownership ceasing it would be the intention for the Site to be run as a Trust.
  7. For any complaints or if you have any constructive feedback please e-mail or phone The Park on 01584 841089, info@shropshirewoodlandburial.co.uk.

These Terms and Conditions together with The Purchasers payment, Burial Rights and Access Certificates constitute the agreement between SSRP and The Purchaser.