Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about woodland burials at the South Shropshire Remembrance Park.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please contact us. 

Do I have to have a cardboard coffin?

No. Coffins can be of any wood e.g. oak, pine etc and also of bamboo or cardboard. The only request we would make is that as it is a natural woodland we would rather non metallic handles were used.

Is the site non denominational?

We welcome people of all denominations and also of no denomination.

Can I have a Church Service?

Yes. A service can, with the agreement of your respective clergy, be held before coming to the Remembrance Park to inter the body. Alternatively a service can be held at the graveside by a member of the clergy. The plot can be blessed by a member of the clergy, but a Bishop has to consecrate the plot if this is required. Some people choose not to involve clergy of any denomination but to hold their own service, with their own words. This can be held at the graveside or at the Pavilion which is provided for such a purpose.

Can I put flowers on the grave?

You are welcome to put flowers on the grave on the day of the burial (these will obviously be removed when they are over). As a long term measure we would suggest that maybe a few snowdrops be planted on the grave, or maybe a tree planted in remembrance. (We would request that consultation before doing this is advisable). The Remembrance Park has wild bluebells, wild daffodils and other wild flowers and we would not wish to interfere with these.

Can I visit at any time?

The Remembrance Park is open from 10am until 3pm but any time by prior arrangement.

Can there be a headstone?

As the site is natural woodland we do not have headstones as such. However, we do suggest a York stone plaque laid flat on the ground, engraved, if people so desire. These are obtainable via the Remembrance Park and quotes can be given.

Terms and conditions

Period of burial and access rights
100 years from 2003 until 2103. From 2083 until 2103 the level of Park maintenance will be reduced to allow the Park to revert to natural woodland under the direction of the Park Trustees.

Maintenance Fund
The future of the maintenance of the Park is to be funded from a percentage of all sales.

Opening Hours
Every day 10.00am – 3.00pm. Please note that although the park is open for your visitation, no one is physically present on the site itself. Please phone ahead if you would like someone to meet you.

Types of Burial and Religions
No restrictions. The SSRP will endeavour to meet special religious needs. It is the intention by SSRP to create an environment of peace and harmony, open to all.

Flowers and Plants
The Park is to be maintained as woodland, therefore the use of vases and cut and artificial flowers are not allowed. Only specified plants may be planted as per the design guide for each area. Cut flowers placed on graves after internment will be removed within three days.

Disabled facilities
There is a reception building at the SSRP which has disabled access and facilities. A vehicle is available for use by disabled visitors to the Park for access should it be so required and booked in advance (not self drive).

Office closed

Our office will be closed until Monday 4th September 2023 for all but urgent and point of need burials or very urgent enquiries. In this instance please contact us through the website or on 07792 486342. 

The site itself is still open for you to visit loved ones’ graves.

Wishing you a restful summer,